Why I create…


My art springs from gratitude – a powerful teaching and practice of my grandmothers. I create to honour them; to continue the work they left to challenge me; and to express that which fear attempts to silence. The beauty of my grandmothers stems from their freakish strength and courage. I am eternally grateful to carry the blood of these strong nehiyaw iskwewak (Cree Women). When I create, I connect to spirit, not just mine and those I came from, but also to those who bless me with their presence and guidance.

Each work of art communicates the iskotew (fire) that lives within the centre of my iskwew (woman) being. The place that my passion, determination, and Cree humour reside. Colour and form sing that which my words cannot express, each sending their waves of energy to communicate the light that defies the darkness. I create to transform the darkness of being from oppressed/colonized/assimilated people into the dream of all our grandmothers and grandfathers – to live a good life – miyopimâtisiwin.

Art is language that carries spirit. I want to speak my truth. To educate, to create dialogue, and to share good medicine.

âyihiy mistahi – thank you with great respect