Elders & Ancestors World Premier Today and Tomorrow

Two cultures. Different legacies. New connections.

Shumka presents Ancestors & Elders… exploring the power of tradition and truth. In a world premiere production featuring a cast of Shumka Dancers and multidisciplinary Indigenous artists, we share a story of the first Ukrainian newcomers to Canada, exploring the shared values and respected differences between these hopeful settlers and the First Nations people they encounter in a new land.

Survival, for both Indigenous and Ukrainian immigrant people in Alberta, often meant silence: lost stories and connections between our communities help us all survive tremendous loss and struggle. We use dance to begin to break that silence; to remember those who came before us, the traditions they instilled, and the truths they endured.

Ancestors & Elders is directed by Indigenous theatre artist Barry Bilinsky and Shumka’s Joseph Hoffman, with a creative team of over 100 Alberta-based designers, artists, story-tellers, musicians and dancers.




Shumka's Ancestors and Elders is a historic union of Cree, Ukrainian cultures


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